Repeated handwashing is a vital barrier gesture. Nevertheless, it causes dermatological problems: our hands become dry and damaged, weakening our natural barrier: skin.

Because barrier gesture will be necessary in the long-term, NAOS and its Laboratoire dermatologique BIODERMA have created the first Biphase Lipo alcoolique that disinfects hands and replenishes the skin barrier’s lipids in a single step.

  • Aurélie Guyoux, R&D director at NAOS
    Aurélie Guyoux, NAOS Research & Development Director.

    Our skincare knowledge gave us valuable expertise in the biomimicking lipids, like those already present in our skin. We therefore decided to combine high quality lipids capable of rebuilding the cutaneous barrier, with alcohol, an efficient bactericide and virucide.

    Aurélie Guyoux, NAOS Research & Development Director.

  • Leave-on hand care sanitizer

    Weakened skin All skin types

    Biphase Lipo alcoolique

    The 1st double action barrier hand care.
    Eliminates viruses and replenishes skin's lipids.

    For whom ?

    For all the family (children older than 3 years)

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