Our commitments at the service of healthy skin

Bioderma - healthy skin

BIODERMA is a NAOS brand whose mission is to lastingly preserve healthy skin.

With the utmost respect for the skin’s natural balance, our care products are developed using a positive approach without compromising on dermatological safety. 

We require that all our products respect, and often go beyond, the strictest recommendations issued by health authorities and dermatology learning societies.

Our products are subject to systematic safety and efficacy tests.

All our products undergo tolerance tests under the supervision of independent expert dermatologists, allergists and toxicologists from around the world.

Over the last few years, more than 1000 clinical studies have been undertaken in almost 30 different countries. They led to regular publications in leading scientific journals.

Bioderma - dermatological safety

Safety and respect for all types of sensitivities are our priority. Beyond our ecobiological principles for selecting ingredients and our stringent approval process, we have implemented rigorous monitoring of cosmetovigilance. It is an international alert procedure, enabling each adverse effect and every case of intolerance to be analysed.

To date, less than one case in every 1,000,000 products sold has been reported to us.

Bioderma - dermatological safety

All of our products comply with current international regulations. This includes EU regulations, which offer some of the highest consumer protection levels anywhere in the world.

Beyond these regulations, we also pay particular attention to advice from the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, especially with regard to the use of controversial ingredients: endocrine disruptors, irritants or environmental pollutants. Any suspicions about an ingredient that are confirmed by scientific consensus will trigger a process to remove or substitute said ingredient.

Bioderma - dermatological safety

We are committed to controlling the origin and the full traceability of our raw materials. Each ingredient must respect strict biological efficacy and dermatological safety criteria.

Bioderma - Ingredients selection process

All new ingredients follow a rigorous process to be perfectly defined:

  1. Control of the ingredient’s full traceability, from its origin through to production and any transformations
  2. Calculation of the level of purity
  3. Purification of impurities and checking that limits have not been exceeded
  4. Evaluation of the ingredient’s complete toxicological profile with help from a panel of independent toxicological experts

Our approach: forging links with communities and supporting everyone, together.

Promoting dermatology worldwide 


The “World Rendez-Vous on Dermatology” is a unique meeting place that brings together the greatest international experts every two years to discuss the latest advances in dermatological research.

We are actively helping to share dermatological knowledge between doctors from around the world and driving research in fundamental biology.

420 participants, 42 nationalities, conferences and workshops... to promote dermatology together and provide better care for skin health.

Learn more about the World Rendez-vous

NAOS World Rendez-Vous on Dermatology

Improve the quality of life of patients and skin care research

BIODERMA and the Institut Curie are capitalising on their respective expertise to improve the quality of life of patients being treated for cancer.

To better manage the cutaneous side effects and improve skin care research, together we created a brand-new centre: “L’Espace de Soins et d’Etude de la peau” (Space for the Care and Study of the Skin).

This centre has many purposes:

  • a place for discussion, where patients feel comfortable, supported and that they are listened to; a place that will improve the care pathway and care protocols.
  • a place for study, where skin toxicities are analysed to better understand, treat and prevent them. The results of these clinical studies are published in the scientific press, presented at major conferences and help further knowledge in the scientific world.

BIODERMA also supports research in care through the 1st Care Research Grant, which will enable the development of projects by caregivers involved in improving the quality of life of patients.


Learn more about Institut Curie


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Provide sustainable solutions to socially responsible missions

Since 2009, BIODERMA has been leading a number of humanitarian missions in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar) alongside dermatologists, pharmacists and humanitarian organisations in order to provide medical aid, IT resources and equipment to local populations. Each mission enables almost 2000 patients to benefit from consultations, prevention measures and donations (medication, glasses, etc.).

With a direct link to our dermatological expertise, many educational and awareness campaigns about photo-protection are also run in the hottest and most sensitive countries, such as Tanzania or in Ecuador, in collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Health and town halls.

Locally, several other solidarity actions help improve the quality of life of those who need it most. In Bulgaria in particular, we intervene in schools and public places to better understand and manage acne. In Lithuania, we welcome parents and children in atopy schools that we have been running for 5 years. In Peru, we accompany children suffering from cancer in hospitals and atopic children who have no access to healthcare.

All these actions are a reflection of our deep-rooted human values and the spirit that inspires us.

responsible missions

Our mission is first and foremost to take care. Taking care of the skin, taking care of the person, but also taking care of the world around us, of our planet.

respect for the environment

Our commitments 

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our daily concerns. For several years now, we have therefore initiated a transformation program to significantly reduce our impact on the environment at all levels of the value chain of our products.

Because at NAOS, the way we do things is still more important than the things we do. We are committed to proving that it is possible to combine innovation, growth and reducing our environmental impact.

  • strive for sustainability

    Our commitments are therefore based on 5 key pillars:

    1. Reducing our water and energy consumption and our carbon footprint during manufacturing and transportation.

    2. Improving the environmental impact of our packaging.

    3. Optimizing the environmental impact of ingredients and formulas.

    4. Making consumers aware of the instructions and proper use of our products.

    5. The contribution has acts of solidarity or compensation for the environmental impacts of our products.

Our concrete actions

At NAOS, transparency is a daily commitment to give everyone the ability to understand and choose the right product. With complete autonomy.

This is why we have created Ask.NAOS, a platform for information on our formulation policy and the composition of NAOS brand products (BIODERMA, Institut Esthederm, Etat Pur). For all users and prescribers of our products, the nature, origin and role of our ingredients as well as our patents and technologies are deciphered in full exhaustively.

We have no preconceived ideas about our ingredients, the important thing is not the exclusion but the usefulness of each of them. It is the choice of a positive formulation to give the best for the health of the skin.

In addition, over and above the regulations, we are attentive to the opinions issued by the European Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety, particularly with regard to the use of controversial ingredients: endocrine disruptors, irritants or environmental pollutants. Any suspicion about an ingredient - validated by scientific consensus - initiates a process of elimination or substitution of this ingredient.

company- formulas laboratory

We mainly select fat-soluble sunscreens (without affinity to water) and optimize the way they are integrated into our products to allow the highest possible level of water resistance.

This approach guarantees that the sun protection is well maintained on the skin and limits the impact of sun filters on the marine ecosystem to better respect it. Tests carried out by independent bodies have proven that our products are non-toxic for corals and do not cause coral bleaching. These tests have also shown that our filters have no impact on the photosynthesis activity of marine algae.

We therefore aim to control all macro and micro pollutants that may be poorly tolerated by the skin and which could be detrimental to biodiversity.

company- commitments marine ecosystem

Every day, we commit ourselves as much as possible to :

  • Developing large formats: across our entire portfolio, we have been pioneers in offering our consumers large-volume products. We are committed to continuing this approach in order to consume less material.
  • Limit our over-packaging: this is why a large number of our products do not have boxes or leaflets.
  • Commit to a sustainable procurement cycle, especially for our cardboard boxes, which come from sustainably managed forests with the FSC label.
  • Guarantee the traceability of the entire production chain and the environmental involvement of our partners: we work with producers who guarantee perfect transparency, and favour those who are certified.
  • Reduce and recycle our industrial and functional waste from the different sites of the company.
strive for sustainability