• Expert - Jean-Noël Thorel
    Jean-Noël, Thorel - NAOS President & Founder.

    We are inspired by the life, animated by the heart. We have always cared about the impact of the ingredients we use, but also about the finished products. Not only on the skin, but also on nature. We must be aware of what is living and what we owe to it.

    Jean-Noël, Thorel - NAOS President & Founder.

Discover NAOS commitments for life & aquatic ecosystems

Discover our commitments for the health of the skin, life and aquatic ecosystems


At the heart of all our products lies the desire to care for and understand the skin and its needs. This has been the approach we have implemented for over 40 years, and we call it ecobiology. Through ecobiology, we consider the skin as an ecosystem made up of living cells that constantly interact with one another and with their environment. This means we are profoundly committed to respecting all living things and care deeply about the impact our products may have on the health of all ecosystems, including aquatic ecosystems. 

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