Red patches, intense skin dryness, itching sensations that awake you at night… Do you recognize yourself? All these symptoms are characteristics of eczema-prone skin. Beyond the discomfort it can cause, we know that eczema can also have an impact on your mood. This skin disease is common, but still complex to understand and to manage on a daily basis. *

At BIODERMA, our aim is to help you live better with it and improve your quality of life. With expert products first, to help your skin feel better, but also providing you support and accompaniment, to help you feel better.

Within Atoderm range, there is a comprehensive and expert offer at the service of your eczema-prone skin: dermatological cleansers, emollients, and targeted skincare for the face and body, allowing each of you to create its own tailored routine. The aim: to accompany you before, during & after your medical treatment.  Skin barrier therapy patent is the common thread of all these products: it prevents the adhesion of the bacteria S. aureus and biofilm forming, responsible of the flare-ups’ frequency and intensity. Powerful soothing and lipid-replenishing ingredients have been combined to this exclusive patent to reduce immediately the urge to scratch and strengthen the skin barrier, lastingly.

We are committed to help you manage your skin, and we work closely with the health professionals around you to provide education, advice and tips. We believe in the power of communities and the sharing of experiences, and for sure, you are not alone.

Together facing eczema. #SkinBarrierTherapy

Atopic eczema : discover our experts' advice

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  • Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist, France
    Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist.

    There is no miracle treatment. Patients need to take charge of their disease. That means they need to understand their skin to really understand why a specific product or treatment is useful. That’s the best way for patients to faithfully follow their recommended treatment, and in the end to take control of their eczema normal and not let it overtake their life.

    Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist.

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