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Hyperpigmented skin

Under the effects of sun, pollution, ageing, pregnancy, or irritation, skin accumulates marks and dark spots, as reflection of time passing. Behind these pigmentation disorders: unusual melanin overproduction that alters the original complexion.

Inspired by the leading treatment in dermatology, Pigmentbio offers a comprehensive routine for sensitive skin wanting to combat pigmentation problems effectively. Its LumiReveal™ Technology acts on key steps of pigmentation: to reduce dark spots, prevent new ones from appearing and restore the skin’s original brightness, lastingly.  Its unique balance between efficacy and tolerance ensures immediate and long lasting results, while respecting skin sensitivity.

It can be used as a relay (between dermatological depigmenting treatments) to extend their efficacy and optimize skin recovery, as well as monotherapy - on its own as a complete skin-care treatment for hyperpigmentation.