For 40 years, Laboratoire Bioderma has worked in the shade so that you can expose your skin to the sun without it suffering the effects.

Wherever your skin is sensitive, prone to solar allergies, acne or hyperpigmentation, whatever its color, texture or nature, the Photoderm range teaches it to restore its skin balance and to effectively self-defend facing the sun.

Sun active defense

It is by surrounding ourselves with dermatologists and photo-biologists that we have created a high-technology sun protection, reinforced against UVA rays: SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE. A combination of filters and a patented biological protection, which guarantees the balance of UVA/UVB protection, and improves the self defense capacity of the skin to help maintain long-lasting care of its health in the sun. 

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  • Pr Schalka, Dermatologist and expert in photoprotection .

    The problem is that the protection offered by filters against UVB rays is more important than against UVA rays. We cannot compensate this imbalance only with filters, so it’s a good approach to offer a protection to the skin’s defense system.

    Pr Schalka, Dermatologist and expert in photoprotection .

Pr. Schalka, dermatologist and expert in photoprotection, explains the biological effects of UVA rays on the skin and how to protect yourself against them.

We innovate every day to offer you quality products tested under medical supervision. Photoderm offers a wide choice of sensoriality and textures for a unique pleasure of use. Our formulas are resistant to water, perspiration (body), heat and high humidity (face) to allow you to live fully without worrying about your protection.

As ecobiologists, we see the skin as a living ecosystem in constant interaction with its environment. Therefore, we pay a particular attention to testing the ecotoxicity of our finished formulas, in direct contact with aquatic ecosystems: salt water and fresh water. We carry out our tests on corals, marine algae and freshwater plankton : 3 species representative of aquatic biodiversity.

It is for all these good reasons that for 40 years you have trusted the scientific expertise of our products and passed them down from generation to generation. From skin to skin.

Empower your skin to defend itself.


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