• Michèle Sayag, Allergist and Director of Scientific Research for BIODERMA.

    This is the first time that a formula for sensitive skin takes into account the phenomenon of inflamm'ageing. Not only does Sensibio Defensive serum respect their fragile ecosystem and help them regulate their sensitivity. But it also acts on the causes and consequences of premature ageing with:

    1. A reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
    2. 24-hour hydration
    3. A more radiant complexion

    Michèle Sayag, Allergist and Director of Scientific Research for BIODERMA.

Sensitive skin reacts more than normal skin to stimuli that are usually of no visible consequence. It experiences sensations of discomfort that may be permanent or temporary. This skin is constantly fighting against the aggressions of everyday life. It no longer has the weapons to defend itself properly, which prevents it from returning to its normal threshold. 

Some environmental (pollution, UV rays, etc.) and lifestyle (stress, diet, etc.) factors exacerbate the reactivity of already sensitive skin. When the skin is continuously exposed to these external aggressions, they aggravate skin sensitivity and lead to chronical inflammation and accelerated skin ageing process, called “inflamm’ageing”. Thus, over time, premature ageing visible consequences appear on the skin with an increase of wrinkles, fine line, skin dehydration and loss of radiance

To stop Inflamm’ageing, sensitive skin needs to be accompanied to prevent from premature ageing. It must become active again in its defence to live in harmony with its environment, even if it is sometimes aggressive.

Thus, we have developped Sensibio Defensive serum the long-lasting soothing concentrate that acts against inflamm’ageing caused by external aggressions. Thanks to the DEFENSIVE TECHNOLOGY and biomimetic Hyaluronic Acid, the skin is lastingly soothed, moisturized, strengthened, with a more luminous finish and less fine lines and wrinkles.

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