High keratolytic efficacy and high skin tolerance for acne-prone skin

Acne is a common skin pathology that represents 20% of dermatological consultations and affects over 80% of adolescents. There are a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter treatments that can help reduce the appearance of lesions and get rid of acne. However, treatments and dermocosmetics prescribed by dermatologists are often based on powerful keratolytics that may lead to irritation and poor skin tolerance. This in turn reduces compliance and makes the treatment less effective.

  • Professor Michèle SAYAG, Allergist and Director of Scientific Research for BIODERMA.

    In some cases of mild to moderate acne, it is possible to prescribe a keratolytic skincare as first-line treatment, before any medical treatment. To be effective, keratolytic actives must be formulated at a low pH (around 3). As the skin is at pH 5, it thus induces irritation and discomfort, leading to a low patients compliance.

    Professor Michèle SAYAG, Allergist and Director of Scientific Research for BIODERMA.

To combine efficacy and tolerance, Bioderma Laboratories has innovated to develop a new product in its Sébium range for acne-prone skin. Sébium Kérato+ is the first anti-blemish concentrate with optimum keratolytic efficacy and high skin tolerance for mild to moderate acne. The keratolytic action is based on an ecobiological approach that ensures a physiological pH for maximum tolerance and no stinging. The gel-cream’s light hydrating texture brings further comfort to increase compliance. People with acne-prone skin no longer have to choose between anti-blemish efficacy and skin comfort.

Complementary active ingredients with the quick action for acne-prone skin

Sébium Kérato+ acts on mild to moderate acne, spots, marks and blackheads without irritating skin.

SALICYLIC ACID and MALIC ACID ESTER, efficient at skin pH, act on imperfections. Salicylic acid has a biological action on the skin’s surface by exfoliating its outer layer. Malic acid ester reaches the pilosebaceous canal to act more deeply, while keeping the skin moisturised. Both ingredients have a comedolytic action that inhibits the formation of comedones and offer high tolerance to increase comfort.

Fluidactiv™ combines antioxidant ingredients : propyl gallate and mannitol, that biologically protect squalene, a major component of sebum, from oxidation induced by the environment such as UV rays and pollution. The pores become less clogged, leading to fewer imperfections and marks.

Good to know

Targeting marks is essential: After a blemish has disappeared, a red mark is visible. It is temporary, and eventually disappears. The problem is that when the mark is exposed to the sun, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur, leaving

Several clinical tests have shown that Sébium Kerato+ has a positive impact on acne-prone skin. It was extremely well tolerated by nearly all participants (97%*) who described a non-drying effect and sensation of comfort. Further trials revealed the following benefits: 

Visible efficacy from 2 days*: 
-18.9% acne volume, -41% after 28 days
-20 marks, -36% after 28 days
+23.1% skin homogeneity, +60% after 28 days

* Clinical study in monotherapy on 30 subjects with mild to moderate acne, during 28 days, 2021.