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Hair and Scalp



To learn more about hair and scalp hygiene, explore responses from dermatologists and allergists to questions submitted by internet users during chat sessions organised by Bioderma.

The sun dries out and discolours the hair. The hair protects the scalp from the sun. If the hair is sparse, the scalp will need to be protected, like the rest of the body, from possible sun damage.

An internet user’s question

Does camomile really lighten the hair?

That is an ancient notion that is not completely false. However, its effect remains limited.

Of course, the hair also needs protection. Protective oils with a sun protection factor are available in pharmacies or at your hairdresser’s.

Losing hair a few weeks after giving birth is a common and normal phenomenon. During pregnancy, almost of all a woman’s hair is in the growth phase (the anagen phase). After childbirth, this phenomenon stops and a higher percentage of hair enters the shedding phase (called the telogen phase). This hair loss is in fact physiological. It can continue if there is an iron deficiency, so this may be something to watch for. While this phenomenon is particularly observed when you wash your hair, shampoos are not responsible and should be used as usual.

Your hair should be washed when it’s dirty. If you need to shampoo your hair every day, it is okay as long as you use a mild shampoo (for example, the shampoos in the Nodé range). If a woman has very greasy hair and is on birth control, she will need to choose a different shampoo.

If there are no medical causes behind the hair loss, the best strategy will be to limit local traumas. In the case of androgenic alopecia (constitutional hair loss in men or women), a treatment may be prescribed by a dermatologist.