Skin is its own ecosystem whose balance can be upset by internal or environmental factors, or both. For sensitive skin that is prone to redness and rosacea, its equilibrium needs to be restored. The skin itself inspired Bioderma to develop Sensibio AR (Anti-Redness) face cream.

sensibio AR

Sensibio AR is a face cream that reduces redness in skin in a lasting way, inhibiting the main biological factor, VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), that causes dilation of veins and weakens capillaries.
It reduces and prevents redness, provides immediate relief and protection, and gently moisturises, all while guaranteeing excellent tolerance.


Sensibio AR’s active ingredients specifically protect sensitive, reactive skin

Within Sensibio AR is Bioderma’s innovation, the RosactivTM patent. Made from three plant extracts with complementary actions, it is dedicated to reducing and preventing the appearance of redness.
RosactivTM acts biologically on all skin cells involved in initiating and aggravating redness. It inhibits the VEGF protein that is responsible for blood vessel dilation and the weakening of blood vessel walls.
It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, soothing skin and trapping free radicals that may cause further reactions.


The ROSACTIVTM patent is the first complex of active ingredients to provide dual biological action - preventative and curative - for redness :

It inhibits the production of VEGF, which is the main biological factor responsible for the appearance and persistence of redness.

ROSACTIVTM produces a 75% drop in VEGF secretion, which means that there is a distinct decrease in the skin’s biological activity that is responsible for the development of redness. 

Additional ingredients in Sensibio AR were selected to further relieve feelings of heat and protect the skin barrier, by :

Reducing inflammation and redness:

Enoxolone is a licorice extract that blocks histamine produced by mast cells and inflammation enzymes.

Limiting skin irritation:

Laminaria ochroleuca is a brown algae, rich in vitamins A and E, that inhibits inflammation.


Allantoin is a biomimetic molecule that promotes epidermal hydration. Canola, high in vitamin E, calms, reduces blood flow to the skin and is a powerful antioxidant.

Bioderma’s DAF (Dermatological Advanced Formula) is a patented natural complex that increases skin’s tolerance threshold. Bioderma includes it in most of its products.

All of these ingredients act to biologically reduce and prevent rosacea redness, soothe and moisturise your skin to maintain its barrier function and protect it. You regain the comfort of healthy skin, and your complexion is fresh and radiant.

laboratory NAOS

sensibio AR - 86

86% saw improvement in rosacea symptoms* : 

  • Redness fell by 36%*
  • Telangiectasis (spider veins) by 42%*
  • Flushes by 43%*
sensibio AR - 97

97% experienced an improvement in quality of life by day 56 of the study, with a 76% lower impact on everyday life*

sensibio AR - 100

100% of subjects very satisfied by skin tolerance*

*Clinical Study BI699V1: 37 subjects, 19 to 65 years old, 56 days, Bulgaria 2017.

sensibio AR routine

When caring for your sensitive, reactive skin that is prone to redness, avoid washing with tap water which may have impurities that your skin reacts to. Choose instead gentle products that don’t need to be rinsed, and that are adapted to your skin’s needs. They should be : 

  • fragrance-free
  • alcohol-free
  • free of other irritating substances

Ideally, the products you use should contain as few ingredients as possible.

Make your routine a minimalist one, to also avoid unnecessary flare-ups and reactions.