A unique approach to cleanse sensitive skin

A NAOS brand, BIODERMA stays true to the ecobiological approach which considers the skin in interaction with its environment. This ecosystem needs to be respected, its resources preserved and its natural mechanisms strengthened by acting on the causes of any dysfunction and not just on the symptoms. An integral part of a dermatological care routine, Sensibio H2O is directly inspired by this vision.

Morning and night, Sensibio H2O micellar water gently eliminates all potential factors of irritation that make sensitive skin uncomfortable.


Sensibio H2O: effective cleanser for sensitive skin

Over 25 years ago, BIODERMA invented micellar technology as part of a new product that today has become iconic. Sensibio H2O is the cleansing dermatological micellar water that takes care of sensitive skin. Its unique, no-rinse formula is able to cleanse effectively and soothe sensitive skin by preserving the skin's balance.

Micellar technology makes it possible to cleanse all types of impurities and pollutant particles effectively. Indeed, micelles are cleansing agents (or surfactants) in the shape of microspheres that have two hubs:

  • A hydrophilic head, so water soluble, that attaches itself to the cotton pad that the micellar water is applied to
  • A lipophilic tail that attracts greasy particles, when water on its own is ineffective. It’s this lipophile hub that removes impurities from the skin’s surface as the cotton is wiped across it.

There is a wide range of different surfactants, and many are too harsh for skin. For Sensibio H2O, Laboratoire BIODERMA chose to use a gentle cleanser for skin, with just one precise surfactant, a glycerol ester that is non-ionic.. Why? Simply because its structure is very close to the cellular structure of lipids already present in the skin. This is why Sensibio H2O micelles cleanse perfectly while also respecting the skin’s balance.

Micelles acting as cleaning agents

Proven face cleansing effectiveness

Sensibio H2O eliminates:

99% of make-up1 and pollution particles2


1Evaluation of make-up remover efficacy on 10 subjects
2Clinical evaluation of the cleansing effect against particles modeling atmospheric pollution on 11 subjects

Sensibio H2O: respects the skin’s balance

By considering the skin as an ecosystem, BIODERMA’s ecobiological approach makes all the difference in ensuring soothing, innocuous and high tolerance care for sensitive skin. Sensibio H2O’s formula has everything required for respecting sensitive skin.


Microbiome: your shield for an healthy skin

Microbiome is also sometimes called ‘skin flora’. The skin's microbiome is made up of billions of really useful micro-organisms that colonise the skin’s surface. The ecosystem creates a kind of invisible and protective ‘coat’ that defends the epidermis against irritants. Precious to skin health, the microbiome is like a natural shield and largely contributes to how effective the skin's barrier is. It therefore needs to be preserved and its diversity encouraged.

Sensibio H2O respects the skin's microbiome, the guardian of healthy skin.

95%1 of the microbiome is preserved.


1Clinical evaluation of the effect on the skin microbiota after 24 to 28 days of use, on 20 subjects
  • Dr Michèle Sayag, allergologist

    Dr. Michèle Sayag, Allergist - BIODERMA.

    The billions of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that all live together on our skin form the microbiome. Thanks to it, pathogenic bacteria don’t live on our skin. So it is crucial to preserve it, starting by using a cleansing product that respects the microbiome.

    Dr. Michèle Sayag, Allergist - BIODERMA.

pH, a key role

pH is a chemical term that is from the French ‘potentiel hydrogène’ – or hydrogen potential. It’s an indicator that measures an environment’s acidity level. The skin’s physiological pH is at 5.5 on average: healthy skin is slightly acidic. This level of acidity plays a key role in how effective the skin’s barrier is. 

Any change in the skin’s pH can turn into skin problems: dryness, blemishes or sensitivity, for example. Sensibio H2O is formulated with a physiological pH, similar to the normal pH of healthy skin to protect the skin's barrier during cleansing. Preserving the skin’s natural acidity creates better conditions for a balanced skin's microbiome.

  • Dr Michèle Sayag, allergologist

    Michèle Sayag, Allergist - BIODERMA.

    Daily cleansing can destabilise the skin’s pH. It is essential to choose a cleansing product that respects physiological pH.

    Michèle Sayag, Allergist - BIODERMA.

Sensibio H2O: decreases unpleasant sensations

A recent study conducted in France by the French Society of Dermatology on 20 000 volunteers showed that about 30% of the population complained of unpleasant skin sensations at least once a day. These sensations could be lied to an inappropriate hygiene. That’s why it’s important to use an appropriate hygiene for sensitive skin.

To overcome this problem, Laboratoire BIODERMA wondered if the use of Sensibio H2O could reduce these unpleasant sensations on sensitive skin.

For this purpose, a study has been conducted in France on 400 volunteers by Dr. Charles TAIEB (Necker Hospital, Paris) specialist of sensitive skin.

This study showed that 90%1 of participants report a decrease in unpleasant sensations after 28 days of use.

Moreover, a cleansing with Sensibio H2O allows to reduce the most unpleasant sensations felt by sensitive skins:

  • -100%2 itching
  • -77%2 tingling
  • -73%2 tightness
  • -73%2 burning sensations



1 Observational study of unpleasant sensations, % of satisfaction, on 400 subjects for 28 days
Clinical evaluation, clinical quotations on 33 subjects for 21 days

The effective skin care routine

Sensibio H2O, the micellar water for sensitive skin, is for use morning and night to free the skin of different aggressive factors (makeup, pollution, impurities). Pour a small amount onto a cotton pad, preferably one that can be washed and reused, and cleanse all of your face and eyes without rubbing. No need to rinse. Your skin is cleansed and fresh, without any kind of greasy or sticky film on it.

Sensibio Defensive and Sensibio Defensive rich are the new active soothing creams for sensitive and sensitised skin. Used morning and evening, this treatment strengthens your skin's self-defence power. Your skin is moisturised for 12h and unpleasant sensations are immediately and lastingly soothed.